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Freemasons: A Brief Historical And Website Review  

In the many centuries since its original inception, the order of the Freemasons was a well respected and vital aspect of the general community. 

Before further word can be spoken regarding finding freemasons in the current world, it is important first to have a foundational understanding of who the Freemasons were and what their movement was about. The Freemasons prided themselves first and foremost upon the principles of loyalty and secrecy to knowledge. From a modern viewpoint about freemasons, they might be thought akin to what a labor union or worker's guild are today. Freemasons protected one another's rights and were very much part of the greater working movement of their time. Skilled laborer may be the best term to attribute to the ancient Freemasons, and much of their legacy was based in their building and architectural design methods. Freemasons were heavily focused upon architecture and design, even creating some of the most revered castles and cathedrals of the medieval periods. As such, Freemasons were expert craftsmen and had an intense knowledge for the laboring arts, involving themselves within many projects, particularly those that involved the usage of stone. The Freemasons actually met within their freemason made lodges to discuss their business of the day or time. Freemasons also were responsible for the careful creation of their Masonic Temples, wonderful masterpieces and reminders of a knowledgeable time long lost. These structures are still quite visible today to an innocent bystander, particularly in England and many other locations in Europe. Their symbolism and architecture are still very much alive up until this very day in our modern times.

Their underground system, as stated earlier, was kept in relevant secrecy and silence for a purpose. 

Freemasons forbade entrance of any individual who had not demonstrated their ability to become one of them. Usually, Freemasons would act as master figure to younger and upcoming hopeful freemason, who were roughly around 10 years of age when Freemasons began their quest toward becoming accepted into the Masonic system. Freemasons spent nearly 7 years inside the apprenticeship and normally lived alongside the master in his living quarters to consistently learn and grow from his teachings. After these 7 years the apprentice would graduate to the title of journeyman if he was able to demonstrate his knowledge with accuracy and care. All freemasons accepted into the fraternal brotherhood were required to communicate entry and recognition via a series of secret passwords. Thus, this truly was the first known form of a fraternal organization called Freemasons, as many fraternities today use this same system of password secrecy in addition to a special attention toward symbology.

The Freemasons recognized one another by the symbol of the acacia tree, which has long been known to stand for unity and knowledge.

 Each Freemason connecting branch represents a Masonic brother who inevitably connects to the whole for a deeper hidden meaning. In addition, many claim the dollar bill to be quite fascinating regarding its symbology, especially in regards to the every watching eye within the pyramid. The eye has been shown to be directly linked to the Freemasons, as they considered this eye to be the Lord God looking down upon all his Earthly creatures. In fact, all other symbology upon the dollar bill cannot be traced back to Freemasonry origin; the eye speaks to the Free Masons' belief in a greater unity and purpose from the Creator Himself. Thus, accusations of the Freemasons as being anti-religious is quite misfounded. Interestingly enough, the Catholic Church has banned all Freemasons though and has spoken outright against the organization in history, yet there are no indications that the Freemasons were anti-religious. Simply put, they allowed their members to practice and religion they would so choose, yet were by no means anti-religious organization. In fact, they refrained from engaging in religious and political topics for the inherent divisiveness of such topics; they felt that such speak would create dissent amongst the members and had no interest in such matters.

It is of interest to note that many of our great leaders, particularly the bishops of the English Church system, were Freemasons.

 Our website about Freemasons dedicates itself to retaining and revering the timeless organization of these Freemasons in all their glory. We provide one with the ability to in fact find Freemasons as they exist today. This is provided in a main tab upon our Home page and allows for quick connection to known Freemasons in any area that you so choose to search. In addition, we provide a number of articles of freemasons jewelry, the latter including (but not limited to) watches, rings, necklaces, and other fine items originating in the time of Freemasonry. We also have our very own website freemasons blog within the site contents that allows the user to review pertinent and quite important information as it pertains to the Freemasonry movement, from its inception up until modern day preservation. We discuss in depth what it means to be a Freemason, the history of the Freemasons and their development, the symbology and hidden meanings behind the Freemasonry movement, and a good deal of other resourceful information. We pride ourselves upon continuing to uphold the sacred ideals of such an honorable organization of Freemasons, and it is important to continue to spread the truth in the midst of modern rumors regarding the Freemasons brotherhood.

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